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The Premier Afghan Law Firm | Est. 2006
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4th Floor, Park View Center,
Shehr-e-Nou, Kabul

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LEGALORACLES Afghanistan is the Premier Afghan Law Firm established 2006 by its founder and president M. Wisal Khan. This is the only Law Firm having constant on ground presence at all times in Afghanistan and is providing services to its clients without interruption today.

LEGALORACLES Afghanistan has no relationship, connection or affiliation with Legal Oracles Pakistan who using our name or claiming it to be their part, office or otherwise in Afghanistan and doing so is sheer misstatement and misrepresentation and unauthorized act of utter unprofessional-ism.

Any opinion rendered by Legal Oracles Pakistan using the name of LEGALORACLES Afghanistan’s, and any reliance made thereupon or any loss suffered by you as result thereof, must not be attributed to us. We assume no responsibility liability for any such advice, opinions or otherwise, not rendered by us.

M. Wisal Khan


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